alaska + adventures

Some of the things us LOCALS like to do...and you can too!
Click on the links and we'll give you the skinny on how to get there and what to expect.

Go Hiking: 

Visit an Oyster Farm:

Climb a glacier in an afternoon:

Zip-lining In Talkeetna

This page is a work in progress so stay tuned. Here are some snapshots of other cool things to do in Alaska. 

Ice fishing for Northern Pike at East Twin Lake, Alaska.  About an hour Southwest of Fairbanks by plane.

Taking the ATV's out for a little razor clam digging on the Kenai Peninsula.
Margaret, Patti & Audrey

Patti, with her catch, a beautiful Silver Salmon in Seward, Alaska.
Audrey, finding a morel mushroom in a burn area, North of Fairbanks, Alaska.
Lunch with a view of Kennicott glacier.  
Audrey, dip netting for Sockeye Salmon in Chitna, Alaska.
Patti at fish camp canning Copper River Sockeye Salmon in Tazlina, Alaska.
Audrey, cutting Copper River Sockeye Salmon at fish camp in Talzlina, Alaska.
Patti & Audrey at Clam Gulch, Alaska.
Girls trip to Clam Gulch, Alaska.

Road trip to McCarthy, Alaska.
Patti, dropping a shrimp pot, Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Audrey, canning salmon with Robert in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Patti, Derby and lots of potatoes from the potato farm in her back yard.
Audrey demonstrating the use of a clam gun, Clam Gulch, Alaska.
This is how we roll in the winter :)
Us groupies with Adam Turla, the lead singer from the band Murder by Death, in McCarthy, Alaska.  The entire town came out to see the concert...about 100 people.