Thursday, July 11, 2013

Royal Wave Oyster Farm

Royal Wave Oyster Farm sells oysters directly to the public from their floating dock at South Bay, Perry Island, Prince William Sound. This has got to be one of the most unique and freshest ways to get your oysters. You boat out to Perry Island & radio ahead when you start to get close. Then, caretakers Melissa and Troy (and their dog Sammy) will happily meet you at their dock and pull up the oyster nets for you. Choose your own our they'll do it for you.  Either way, it's a treat. ~Audrey & Patti 
What: Oyster Farm
Where: South Bay Perry Island, Prince William Sound, AK
Latitude/Longitude: N60.68398° / W147.91989°
How to Get There: By boat. See directions at the end of this blog post.
What to Wear: No special clothing required
What to Bring: Oyster knives for shucking, a bucket or cooler with ice to keep them cold. Fresh lemons and Sriracha sauce
Cost: $15/dozen
Pet Friendly: Only if they stay on the boat :)

This is a rather specialized trip, as you need to have access to a boat, but if you do, and you love oysters, this is for you.  Boating in Prince William Sound is amazing - and making your way over to pristine Perry Island is a must. The caretakers are very friendly and helpful and the oysters are top-notch. They are open during the summer months from 9am to 9pm daily. There are also volunteer opportunities if you ever fancy working with these tasty bivalve mollusks!

When we got there, we hopped onto the floating dock and Troy, Melissa and their dog Sammy gave us a warm welcome.

The oysters grow in nets, and are hoisted up for harvest. We learned how an operation like this works, as well as a lot of neat info on how oyster seeds or larvae grow into mature oysters - it takes years!  Like any kind of farming, it takes time and commitment, but what a unique 'garden' to work in, eh?

Once we were back on the boat, we started shucking them. These particular oysters were small and tender-not the big rubbery ones. They were almost sweet.  We devoured almost 3 dozen - adding a splash of fresh lemon and occasionally changing it up a bit with some Sriracha sauce.  There's nothing tastier than a fresh, briny oyster straight from Alaskan waters! 

Be sure to bring containers and ice for your oysters. If you plan to take them home, just keep them as cold as possible (between 35-40 degrees) with ice and sea water. While raw oysters are delicious, they can also be cooked in a variety of ways.  The few we didn't eat on the boat were breaded and deep fried once we got back home - and they were excellent!

Looking forward to at least one more trip for oysters before the season is over.
For more information, Royal Wave Oyster Farm is on Facebook and can be contacted at their page:
or email at:

Launch from the Whittier small boat harbor. Head southeast through Passage Canal about 18 miles to Culross Point. You'll see Perry Island @ 8 miles off your bow. Head to the southern end of the island which is South Bay. Hail "Royal Wave" on channel 16 when you are in sight.

Patti, Audrey, Melissa and Troy.