Thursday, January 2, 2014

Eggventure - Alaskan style

Do chickens lay eggs at -40 below in Fairbanks, Alaska? Yes they do. Do they attack people who steal their eggs? Yes they do! My egg-venture started out on a somewhat peaceful note. I did, after all, have a bag full of organic salad mix and a few slices of whole wheat bread to trade for some fresh eggs. That seemed fair. At first they didn't make too much of a fuss when I invited myself into their lovely but stinky home. They actually looked happy to have a little company. BUT-when I was trying to make my peaceful getaway, a chicken hopped onto my head! Can't really blame her. My dog, Salty, did kill and eat one of her comrades last summer. Guess she was getting her revenge. I did manage to get 8 eggs though..and make myself a delicious King Crab omelet! ~Audrey
Beautiful bottles of Domaine Serene wine from the Willamette Valley once occupied the wooden crate shown in this photo. Now it's a perch for these tough Alaskan hens and their stinky feet :) 

 I thought we were getting along just fine.

My first clue of something going amiss. One of the hens started to show a little concern as I was helping myself. 

Hopping on my head was the last thing I thought would happen. Maybe she liked my hat. She pretty much pulled it off as she was nesting on my head.

A little organic salad mix in the middle of winter is a nice treat for an Alaskan hen.

A King Crab omelet in the middle of winter is a nice treat for an Alaskan chick.

My dog Salty, aka The Killer. Yes, this regal looking boy is a chicken AND squirrel killer. He says he can't help himself :) 

Special thanks to my good friend who lets me steal eggs from her chicken coop and doesn't get mad when my four legged son misbehaves at her house.

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